Cloudflare APO breaks Server Caching x-varnish : MISS always

I am on Dreampress hosting (Managed Wordpress Hosting by Dreamhost). It has an x-varnish header.
But when I install and activate the Cloudflare plugin and APO, the server caching breaks and get x-varnish : MISS always.
Don’t get me wrong, Cloudflare APO is stunning. APO runs really great on my site. Get cf-cache header: HIT mostly and like 91% bandwidth is served through Cloudflare.
However, Cloudflare APO breaks Server Caching x-varnish : MISS always
Is there a fix for this?


I have not looked at your site, but do you have an X-Varnish header in place? Cloudflare will not modify the response headers from your Varnish instance, so ideally you will always get a Miss in Varnish, as the second request to Cloudflare will be served from Cloudflares cache, with all the original headers in place.

X-Varnish contains the XID of the varnish request. If you keep seeing the same XID when you make requests to Cloudflare, then you are seeing a Cached response from Cloudflare, and not repeated misses from your Varnish instance.

I see Dreampress has a Proxy Cache Plugin, but I don’t know how it will interact with the cache invalidation capability in APO and the Cloudflare Plugin.

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