Cloudflare APO breaks Contact Form 7

I have contact form 7 form on every single page of my site in the footer, so this is a big deal for me.

It throws the following error in the console:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'apiFetch' of undefined

Is there any way to make CF7 work with APO? I’d hate to give up APO just because of this… The performance is amazing!

Have you tried the Search function?

Unless I’m missing something the only recommendation in previous topics is bypassing pages. As I said, there’s a contact form on every page so bypassing every page would make APO pretty useless

The better solution is to set Edge TTL to 8h for all pages with CF7. Version 5.4 uses nonces with 12 hours TTL, so shorter Edge TTL will fix the issue.

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