Cloudflare APO: Auto update previous and next post links when a new post is added

I know the cache is automatically purged once a change was made to the post.
But I noticed when I added a new post on my Wordpress site, the previous post’s navigation button pointed to the next post is not generated to point to the new post, which means the previous post’s cache was still the old version.
What can I do to make sure the cache of the previous post will be purged each time a new post is uploaded. So the next buttons on the previous post will be updated to point to the new post?

Good point. I can see how adjacent posts wouldn’t be in the purge list. I have sites that have the same type of Next/Prev links. I suggest you open a ticket and post the ticket # here. Maybe it’s something that @yevgen can look into as an added feature.


Thank you, my ticket number is 2247213 @MoreHelp


Hope to get this problem solved :blush:

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I suggest for the start to apply own logic to the list of purge urls here: Cloudflare-WordPress/cloudflare.loader.php at master · cloudflare/Cloudflare-WordPress · GitHub.