Cloudflare APO and woocommerce


I’m interested on APO but still has a few questions on it. Specifically, will APO help to improve wc-ajax/checkout? I don’t have issues on loading speed of the static pages on my sites with server caching etc, but Woocommerce Checkout is extremely slow and can take even up to 1 minute at times especially when there are many items to checkout.

So will APO help on this?



I’m not really familiar with APO, but APO is useful to speed up static websites only. I don’t think it can help speed up Woocommerce checkout - since these are dynamic requests/responses.

Thanks for your insight, I had the same thoughts too, but wondering if Cloudflare personnel could perhaps share their opinions on this matter.

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APO will bypass caching for Woocommerce Checkout. I recommend enabling Argo smart routing for dynamic requests, it should make a noticeable impact. Please not it’s a usage base product, so the cost will depend on the amount of traffic served.