Cloudflare APO and Varnish


I have enabled Cloudflare Apo with Varnish Cache using WP Rocket in my local wordpress site,
However every time I post a new post I get cloudflare Apo status as Hit and Server level cache ( Varnish is always missed,

But When I disable Cloudflare APO Server Level caching is working pretty fine

I think that cloudflare caches the post before the server do so the server will never cache the cached cloudflare page again

What should I do?

Is that a problem? Most likely, if the Cloudflare cache was purged, the next grab from your server would be a HIT for Varnish. In the mean time, your server shouldn’t care, as requests are being served from Cloudflare.

Yes but for meanwhile its one level cache

but if my server cached first for varnish and then cloudflare

there will be 2 layers of caching instead of 1

If you don’t want Cloudflare hitting uncached resources, then you’ll need to preload the cache on your server with a local crawler.

Do you have any idea how can i do this with WP Rocket?

Thank you

Sorry, I’ve never used WP Rocket. I’m sure they have some forums or a help desk for supporting their product.

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