Cloudflare APO And S3 Buckets

We are thinking of switching away from CloudFront and use Wordpress APO under the PRO plan. Would having the Wordpress images stored within S3 serve any purpose other than when visits are not cached?

Good question was thinking the same question too.

That depends on the URL of the images. If it’s an S3 URL, then Cloudflare has nothing to do with image delivery. They’ll always be pulled from S3 for every visit.

Are you saying that if we were to use CF APO, to utilize the CF CDN edge network, all images should be placed locally on the server?

Instead of:[bucket_name]

We should be using:

Please confirm.

This URL:[bucket_name]
does not go through Cloudflare because it’s not under your domain.

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Thanks for the confirmation.

I assume sub-domains count for CF CDN qualification?

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