Cloudflare APO and Responsive Sites

I am using Cloudflare APO on my Wordpress site and had a general question, I use a fairly modern responsive theme and at the moment I have the Cloudflare APO set to cache based on the device type (e.g. Mobile vs Desktop). My question is, does this provide any value as the site is not doing much differently other than I assume the theme adapting based on the user device type?

If that is the case, and its not a different theme specifically for mobile devices, do I actually get any value in caching based on device type with APO, or would I do better to turn that off and just have the one Cache (i.e. don’t provide different cache for Mobiles, Desktops et al)?

I don’t use AMP or anything like that, and just have the one responsive theme (Refrakt).

Many thanks!

If it’s the same content cached for Mobile and Desktop, it’s better to disable “cache by device type”. You will have a better chance of the cache hits with a shared cache.

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Thanks, i thought that might be the case.

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