Cloudflare APO and Jetpack contact form

I’ve noticed Cloudflare APO seems to cause issues with contact forms. For example, the Jetpack contact form will sometimes not display the form and just display “submit a form” instead. It seems to have to do with caching. As soon as I disable APO the problems go away, also if I refresh the page with devtools open so it doesn’t pull the cached version of the page the problem also doesn’t show up. There doesn’t seem to be any way to tell APO to purge certain pages after a set period, so I’m thinking the only option is to disable the caching.

May I ask if you tried to create a Page Rule to match your “contact forms” webpage URL.
Therefore, from the dropdown menu of the Cache Level: select Bypass.

Is it due to the webapge “contact forms” being cached, or rather the form is generated “on-the-fly” via some JavaScript?

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