Cloudflare APO: Add Query Strings for LEADTRACKER Marketing Product

Hi Team,
I have customer who started using a marketing product for tracking data, similar to how it’s done with Google Analytics utm tags.

The problem is that it’s screwing our cache HITS with Cloudflare APO that could potentially reduce our server load and increase performance on open times and Google Pagespeed.

I’d like to know if you an add such query strings to be included into the same rule that makes utm tags to respond the cache version of the page, in Cloudflare APO:

  • ltk_fcm
  • ltk_fag
  • ltk_fac
  • ltk_fne
  • ltk_gcm
  • ltk_gag
  • ltk_gac
  • ltk_gne

I created this topic after reading the following article that advises us to create a post into the community to request to add query strings to this exception list:

How is the process from now on? Do you consider adding this to the list?

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URL of the product is:

I’m not sure why it directs you to the Community. Maybe it’s expecting you to submit as a Feedback->Feature Request (category). @yevgen usually keeps an eye on APO use cases.

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Hi, thanks for your inputs. I’m trying to change category, but I guess I can’t… sorry as it’s my first post. Cheers.

Category Changes are through clicking the pencil next to the title. Maybe that’s not always possible.

Voilá! THANKS @sdayman

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Just to be clear that today all my APO request are with cache: BYPASS because of these tags that are required by customer. Hopefully you can help us solve this issue by adding these tags to the pool.
Team, kindly let me know if you need further advise or get in touch with the tech team of this marketing tool.

Hi @yevgen , sorry if I’m mistaken, but I was monitoring other threads on this topic and looks like you’re the one who usually solves this.
Let me know if you need anything further.
I haven’t found a public page with all the documentation about those parameters, but if you need so, I can request the software provided to create that page so you can reference it. Thanks.

Hi, yes I can add those, should be live next week.

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Hi @yevgen, thanks for your feedback. Let me know once it’s live.
I have just tested an url using those parameters and it’s still showing cf-cache-status: BYPASS.

Looking forward for an update. Have a great week.

Thanks and regards.

I can’t find any official docs on the parameters you listed. I need to verify the list of parameters before we can deploy the changes for all APO customers. The only documentation I found is, nothing there about ltk_ query parameters.

hi @yevgen ,
I just spoke with their PO, they sent me the following page which contains all detailed information of the product:

In case you need an english version, you can use link below:

Thanks for the help and let me know once this change is live.

Best regards,

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This is live.

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