Cloudflare APO: Add Query Strings for Blueshift Marketing Product

Hi there!

I am looking into the wordpress APO product to make our blog more performant. The main blocker to using the product is our email/marketing platform, BlueShift, adds custom query parameters that are unique to each email send that negatives the benefit of the cache.

Similar to the other Cloudflare Community request “Add query strings for leadtracker marketing product”, I am hoping BlueShift’s query params can be added to the ignore list. After talking with their support team their official query parameters are as follows:

bsft_uid, bsft_mid, bsft_txnid, bsft_eid, bsft_utid, bsft_ek, bsft_aaid, bsft_mime_type, bsft_tv, bsft_lx, bsft_clkid.

I have included the full response from the BlueShift support team regarding their query parameters for reference below. Thank you for your time!

Thank you for contacting BlueShift support. I understand you are looking for documentation on the query parameters blueshift appends to links and I would be happy to help. I’ve found this list in our internal documentation that I believe should cover what you are looking for. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Blueshift adds the following url params for tracking:

  • uid: user uuid
  • mid: message id
  • txnid: transaction uuid
  • eid: experiment uuid
  • utid: user transaction
  • bsft_ek: execution key
  • bsft_aaid: account adapter uuid
  • bsft_mime_type: text/html/amp
  • bsft_tv: template version
  • bsft_lx: link index
  • bsft_clkid: click id

The above params are written to the links in the messages that are sent from blueshift. When a link is clicked and a redirect happens, we also append those params to the redirected url, however, some of those params are renamed during the redirect.

  • uid → bsft_uid
  • mid → bsft_mid
  • txnid → bsft_txnid
  • eid → bsft_eid
  • utid → bsft_utid

Blueshift creates a click id to uniquely identify a click, which is added to the redirect url as “bsft_clkid“.