Cloudflare api statistics Cached Bandwidth

Hello sir,

Is there a way to enter email, X-Auth-Key, and zone id through the cloudflare api? I can count the domain name in Previous 24 hours, under the “Analytics & Logs” tab, and in the “Bandwidth” under the “Web Traffic” module. “Cached Bandwidth”?

If you have one, please provide the API interface and the implementation method.
(I don’t want to log in to the cloudflare backend every time to check it myself. I want to quickly obtain the Cached Bandwidth of the domain name through the API interface)

Use GraphQL…

hello sir,
My application’s service is Free. Can I use the GraphQL Analytics API?

sjr via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]> 于2024年5月9日周四 00:25写道:

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