Cloudflare API returned error(s): Unknown X-Auth-Key or X-Auth-Email

Hi, just a disclaimer, I am a total noob when it comes to this. I am using siteground as my host and enabled cloudfare via their cpanel. The settings could be changed from the cpanel and eveything was fine. Later i installed w3 total cache and linked it with cloudfare (extension) and turned the minifiy html, js etc options on. I later found out that sitegrounds own SG optimizer is pretty good so I decided to uninstall w3 total cache.

I decided that I will let cloudflare do the minification, while sg optimizer can do everything else. But when I went to the sitegrounds cpanel to tweak cloudflare options, it returns this error “Cloudflare API returned error(s): Unknown X-Auth-Key or X-Auth-Email”. My email has been authenticated and I used the API when I was authenticated my cloudflare extension on W3 total cache (did deactivating the plugin cause this?. I am not sure what happened. When i try to go to then dashboard > speed > autho minify > api and retrieve minifcation settings, the link shows code 9106 “Missing X-Auth-Email header” and code 9107 “Missing X-Auth-Key Header”.

Please help in as simple language as possible.

Quite possibly. Have you check your email and API key in the login settings?

You can also manually enable Minification in Cloudflare’s Speed → Optimization settings section. I’m not sure if that will show up from cPanel, or if you have to do it at

Problem is that I restored my website to an earlier state where everythinf was workinf but now the website is not working. Error 1016 Origin DNS error. I tried deactivating cloudflare from cpanel and reactivating but it does not work. I get same X auth email error. If i remove my website from cloudflare that does not also work. Please help! I have also told siteground of the issue. Did uninstalling w3 total cache really cause this?

It’s probably more than just the plugin:

Thanks. I dont understand much of that but I will try

Update: The website seems to only be giving me the 1016 DNS error. Its working for others. Even the siteground staff said the same. I cannot reactivate cloudflare through sg cPanel. It gives the Unknown X-Auth-Key or X-Auth-Emai error. However on cloudflares dashboard it says that it is active. I am screwed