Cloudflare API Problem,

i use multicraft and i want to use the cloudflare api to create seperate dns records for each port. I have created the API key with this permissions:
email Account - IP-Präfixe:Bearbeiten, DNS-Firewall:Bearbeiten - Zoneneinstellungen:Bearbeiten, Zone:Bearbeiten, DNS:Bearbeiten - Zoneneinstellungen:Bearbeiten, Zone:Bearbeiten, DNS:Bearbeiten

and i become this error in Multicraft:
Domain information could not be queried

Have i vorgot a permission?

kind Regards, Tom Holscher

Hi there,

This depends on how Multicraft implemented the API and what the software is going to do with it. In what context is this error showing up?

this error coming up, when i want to create a domain in the multicraft interface, that would be create a record in the dns record, that lookup to to ip and port, that a user dont must put in the ip address + port