Cloudflare API Issue with Updating/Adding DNS A Records - Exceeding Tag Quota (#CommunityTip Error 9300)

I encountered an issue while using the Cloudflare API to update or add DNS A records. Following the API documentation (referenced links below), I attempted to use the respective request methods:

API Documentation References:

However, the API responded with the following error message:

{"result":null,"success":false,"errors":[{"code":9300,"message":"DNS record has 1 tags, exceeding the quota of 0."}],"messages":[]}

I’m unsure about the meaning of this error. It appears that I exceeded the tag limit when attempting to update or add DNS A records. Can anyone help me understand and resolve this issue? If you have any documentation or information related to tag limits for Cloudflare API, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you in advance for your support and expertise! CommunityTip Error 9300

Are you trying to add a tag? Are you on a free plan? You need to be on a paid plan to add tags to records.

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Am I currently using the free version. Is it because the free version cannot update or add DNS resolution records through the API?

Nah free plan can use the API but it seems you’re using DNS tags - DNS record comments and tags · Cloudflare DNS docs

What’s the request you’re sending?

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I want to modify the IP address of the DNS A record through the API, are the two links in my text the correct reference documents?

Because I was prompted that I cannot include links in the content, I removed the secret information from the request content and saved it as a picture


Yes, that includes a “tags” field. Remove that and you should be fine.


Indeed this is the problem, Can you help explain the purpose of this “tags”?

It’s an organizational tool. Scroll up and follow the link to the documentation in this thread.


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