Cloudflare API 522


I’m trying to grab data from the Cloudflare api, however my trawler obeys robots.txt rules. The current robots.txt for api.Cloudflare .com returns a 522 error, which causes my trawler to default to not allowed.

Can this robots.txt be fixed or a 404 returned if there is none for the api as well as checks to ensure this error is flagged by Cloudflare in the future?


are you still encountering this?

Yes, the https:// api. Cloudflare. com/robots.txt resource still returns a 522.

(Sorry for breaking up the link, it doesn’t let me share links in the post)

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It feels like there are APIs problems on my side too. Unrelated to the robots.txt though but still, many features aren’t working properly in the dashboard right now.