Cloudflare API 504 Error when Transfering in Domain

Hi all,

For the past 2 days I have been receiving 504 API errors whenever I load the Registrar Transfer Domains page while I wait for it to load the list of Cloudflare domains that are eligible to transfer in.

I have been transfering in domains without problem using this method for the past several weeks. We currently have 76 domains in Cloudflare’s registrar and plan to transfer in more.

Here is a snipped of the screenshot of the error:

So fare I can reproduce the error in both Chrome and Firefox on a Mac Powerbook running OS Big Sur on our company network as well as on Firefox and Chrome on a Windows 10 PC on a separate network.

I have a support ticket open with Cloudflare support and I am awaiting their followup. I have sent them the requested screenshots and a HAR file.

I’ve noticed this problem posted in Cloudflare community support before but no resolution. It appears to be a glitch on the Cloudflare side.

What I’ve done to try to work around this:

  • Cleared all history, files, cookies etc from Chrome and Firefox on both machines. Didn’t work.
  • Restarted the browsers - close completely. Re-open. Re-authenticated to Cloudflare. Didn’t work.
  • Completely reboot the computers. Didn’t work.
  • Open Cloudflare dashboard in Incognito mode. Didn’t work.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Replicate it with the Network tab in DevTools (F12) open & see if there’s anything in the response body of the 504’s that might give you an actual error code or message.

Here is the funny thing - the only page that tries to load is “mDOTstripeDOTcom” - are they kidding? It also returns a 200. See the screenshot.

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