Cloudflare anti ddos security


I’m new in Cloudflare my site was under DDoS attack botnets I added my site in Cloudflare free plan does Cloudflare offer DDoS protection in free plan? and do I have to change the IP address of the server for attacker don’t take down my site?


TL;DR: Yes and yes.

They have unlimited DDoS protection even on the free plan. If they are directly attacking your webserver then yes, changing IP would be the only direct solution to solve that (while putting yourself behind Cloudflare to prevent future attacks) since Cloudflare can’t protect attacks directly to your IP.


i didnt changed my server ip when i added cloudflare and its down attacker made my server down so now i have to change the ip address of my server thx for the help matteo any advice you can give me please ?


That would be all, change it and simply avoid leaking it. Always connect, if possible, via the domain under Cloudflare.


thank you matteo

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