Cloudflare Android crashes when using WARP for Teams

Hi Guys,

I am having an issue where the android version of faster everywhere app crashes when attempting to establish a connection while logged into Zero Trust Teams.

When reviewing the logcat dump it looks like it is caused by java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Bad address when attempting to add routes:

I checked my split tunnels and I have it set to include. There is a list of private IP ranges in there.

We have tested this configuration on Windows, iOS, MacBook, and Linux with success. For some reason it just seems to be crashing on androids. We have tested this on two android phones, both different models, as well as the BlueStacks emulator. All three are coming back with the same error.

Here is what it looks like on the device. I should mention we are running the latest version on the playstore:

Found the problem. I had a route in split tunnels that was however androids do not interpret this as a valid route. I had to change the split route record to since that is the correct network ip address for that subnet.

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