Cloudflare and WP Rocket

We have been using Cloudflare on our WordPress website ( for a long time now, we are using WP Rocket for faster website loading, but recently whenever I update the content or redesign an element on the site I’m not seeing the published version immediately after purging cloudflare cache.
I have to disable all the plugins including WP Rocket, clear the Cloudflare cache 3-4 times, then go back to the site and enable the plugins again, again clear the Cloudflare cache 3-4 times, sometimes have to repeat the whole process for 20-30 minutes, then the updates show up.

We have the same issue on other websites as well, but we have never had this until a couple of weeks ago.
Any ideas?

I see that you’re also using APO. So you have multiple caches going on. I admit that I do, too, but I know for sure that when I update content, my Cloudflare plugin purges the entire cache (I don’t use APO, but use a custom Worker that handles my Cloudflare caching for me). Now, I’m not entirely sure what WP Rocket Cache looks like, but I doubt it caches CSS. If you look at the example below, there appears to be a server cache (x-proxy-cache), and that might be yet a third layer of caching on the server itself.

I suspect that APO isn’t purging everything you’d like it to when you tweak site settings. Plus you have that server cache to contend with. And WP Rocket. It’s a lot to untangle. Good luck!

Using your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome), take a look at a file (CSS or HTML) you know you updated, but look at the Response Headers to see where it’s cached:

In the example below, you’ll see that Cloudflare cached the CSS, but it pulled an uncached version (x-proxy-cache MISS) from your site. The Age header will show you how long ago Cloudflare cached that file (78,644 seconds ago). If you’ve updated that CSS in the mean time, you’d need to purge Cloudflare’s cache.

Hi there,
Thanks for your response, you have been extremely helpful.
Do you think I should disable the hosting caching and just use Cloudflare?


Keep WP Rocket, but disable your host’s server caching if you can.

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