Cloudflare and Wordpress password plugin

I have a plugin enabled on my site to password protect the site. The internal IP address is whitelisted so users at the office don’t need to enter a password. Ever since switching to Cloudflare everything is being blocked by the password. Is there anything I can set in Cloudflare to get this functioning correctly again?

It’s due to Cloudflare’s proxying of your traffic. Servers should be configured to recognize the origin IP headers:

To enable this functionality at Cloudflare, you wouldn’t need that plugin. You’d configure Access to “Bypass” for your office IP address. Access is totally free in this configuration and you can even add an “Allow” rule to send an authorization code to specific email addresses. (The first five email addresses are free).

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Thank you for the response. I had the mod_cloudflare installed but it made no difference. The access functionality described doesn’t sound like it would work well. The bypass sounds good. I would be concerned about the blocking portion. I would just want a basic password to give to everyone to access when outside of the office. The plugin worked great until the migration to Cloudflare.

mod_cloudflare should work. If you look at your server logs, do you see the correct IP address(es) being logged?

My host was able to get it figured out. Thank you for providing the helpful information!

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