Cloudflare and WIX

Hello, it seems I do have a similar situation with a WIX webpage. Any suggestion, please? Tanks.

Unfortunately WIX does not support using Cloudflare:

Thanks. Apparently the registrar for the Wix page is Network Solutions. Is there anything they can do to change the name servers to Cloudfare?

No. Imagine that you move around a lot and keep changing your phone number, but only Wix knows your current phone number (IP address). There’s no way Cloudflare can keep up with your potentially changing phone number.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Wix would malfunction or block some services if you were to try to circumvent their DNS.

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This is crazy. I use for hosting another webpage and had no problem changing de name servers to Cloudfare, it took me 45 seconds. Cant believe I cannot do anything with WIX …

AIT is a standard hosting platform that gives you a lot of control over your settings.

WIX is a quick and easy website manager. They handle all the fancy caching, etc., that most of their customers don’t want to think about. They kind of have Cloudflare-like features built in – Speed and Security is under their control.

Is this still a thing? My dad just setup a site and I was trying to manage dns through Cloudflare but 24 hours later I still can’t access the domain via browser. CF support says I’m setup correctly. I can’t recall ever having to wait very long for changes to dns through Cloudflare in the past.

Can I assume this issue doesn’t pertain to using Cloudflare for DNS only as opposed to http proxy?

It seems to be:

Is the site hosted at Wix? As I recall, Wix needs complete control over your DNS to be able to work. Kind of like how Cloudflare needs to host your website’s DNS in order to work.

Small example about how painful WIX can be when a domain isn’t registered directly with them.
We have a customer that recently moved his website to WIX, their domain is still registered with us. WIX offers you to host your domain elsewhere, but you need to change thenamerservers to their own. Like CF does. But:
The customer now calls us infrequently because his WIX website isn’t reachable.

Surprise: WIX changed the nanservers.

WIX is an all in one hosting company and I guess they will never allow usage of foreign NS for technical reasons.

To clarify: I am not saying WIX is bad at all. Their target groups are people or companies that don’t want to think about their webhosting or don’t have a high level of knowledge about how things work.

I see, well thanks for the clarification. But what really pisses me off. Is I called wix support and told them specifically that I was using Cloudflare, they said nothing about it not being supported. I told him at that point it had already been 24 hours and that in my experience in recent years DNS changes rarely take more than a couple of hours if that. I asked what happens if I wait the full 48 hours as some people still claim be required. He just acted dumb insisting that it would still be Cloudflares problem. Talk about souring my opinion of this company.

If the support didn’t tell you that CF is not supported, the agent seems to need additional training:

But it seems that they give their customers the ability to vote for it. (bottom of this page). But you can vote for it even if you’re not logged in. Seems… eehh… a bit useless:
“Thanks for voting. We’ll keep you updated” :joy:

Our company has it’s own caching and DoS protection in place too. But when a customer wants to make use of a foreign CDN for their domains - please. Difference is that we don’t offer hosting for 15 bugs. Or whatever the price is.

I’m voting with my dads wallet. Canceling wix.

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Hello boys.

Wix have APPOINTMENT to a domain, not only DNS.
IN this case, i can change my A record to a IP (from my panel wix), and works?
I need to click gray cloud, to dont pass from CF server.

Well, my MAIL SERVER is ZOHO, another websites in HOSTINGER, DNS Cloudflare (manage too),
and website WIX.


login3 is it working for you? could you help clarifying?