Cloudflare and WEBP

Hi everyone I would like to use WEBP conversion via CLOUDFLARE but I can’t figure out if it’s in about the PRO plan or I need Enterprise

Yes i have myself the Pro Plan and can confirm that you have the Option Polish to transform all the Image Formats to WEBP !
So with the Pro Plan you will have WEBP Conversation when you enable the Polish functionality !

For more Information about it read here more:

Polish WebP conversion

Customers on the Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans can enable the automatic creation of WebP images by checking the WebP box in the Polish settings for a zone

Okay thank you. I will have another question do you have to save the images in webp format on the server or does cloudflare convert them when requested?

No need to save Images in WEBP format on the Server before if you dont want.
Cloudflare will convert them when requested for you when you enable the Polish Functionality.

Thank you

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