Cloudflare and Total Cache

Do I need to take some precautions between Cloudflare and Total Cache? I have the impression that I have problems with the cache.

May I ask if this is related to the WordPress plugin called W3 Total Cache or something else? :thinking:

I am using W3TC + Cloudflare (with the W3TC extension from their settings tab), no issues.

May I ask what kind of issues are you experiencing?

What option have you got selected for Browser Cache TTL in Cloudflare dashboard?
Furthermore, is Caching Level set to “Standard” or are you using some custom Page Rules defined at Cloudflare which include the Cache Level: Everything option?

Total Cache it’s a WordPress plugin. I’ve uninstalled it because it does the same thing as Cloudflare. We can close this post.

It’s a long time that I don’t use cache plugins anymore on all my WordPress instalations.

Just leave the hole cache to Cloudflare.
Look up for Cloudflare Page Rules for WordPress.
Remember that not every WordPress instalations is the same, my’s are static blogs…

Here are some links and resources: