Cloudflare and subdomains

Hi! I have a pro subscription and want to add a subdomain. I added an A-record to point it to the host, but it’s giving me a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error.

I tried reading through the docs - do I need enterprise sub to point my subdomain? I don’t need to manage it over cloudflare, I just want it to work.

That’s the right way. Sometimes it takes DNS a bit of time to update. If you post the complete hostname, we can check for you.

Hostname like:

Aha! Let’s see: edited

Ok, pwc doesn’t resolve. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records screen? It’s ok to black out IP addresses. And please confirm that the bottom of that page shows your Cloudflare Name Servers of Colette and Pete.

Here it is:

I may have had a cached NX lookup on that. It’s resolving pretty well, though. Just one ISP in Canada doesn’t have it quite right yet.

Subdomain works just fine on my end. I think it was your DNS cache & propagation

Thanks guys. It’s usually pretty quick. I appreciate your help, and now I have learned. :slight_smile: