Cloudflare and setting up g suite problem

Hi! I’m setting up a G Suite account. The First thing I have to do is Verify my domain and set up e-mail. I get the message ‘ Looks your domain is hosted with Cloud Flare. Open the Cloud Flare website in a new tap and log in.
I’m in now and now I have to creatie new MX records for G suite.
In cloudflare I click on DNS. And on the page of G Suite I see: priority , Name/Host/Alias (@) and Value/Destination (ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM, ALT1ASPMX.GOOGLE.COM…)
What is the next step?
On the page of cloudflare is we ‘name’, ‘value’, TTL
Please help.

Check out the tutorial section, in particular

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That fine Sandro. Thank you for your help!

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