Cloudflare and Self Hosted Game Servers

I am hosting a game server on a machine on my home network. Now my main concern is attacks, mainly DDOS attacks, on my network thats hosting the game server. Can I use cloudflare, cheaply, to do this with like a DNS A Record proxy or something similar?


Cloudflare’s normal proxy is HTTP traffic only. You can use Spectrum for protecting & proxying TCP/UDP, but only Enterpise lets you use any port. Pro or Business just gets Minecraft, and at $1/gb. There is also Magic Transit for whole network protection, but that is very Enterprise.

If you’re looking for suggestions, consider a DDoS protected VPS, and using a GRE tunnel/Wireguard back to your home network. That’s outside of the scope of this forum though.

If it’s private/just for you, you could use Cloudflare Tunnels and WARP with Private Networking: Connect private networks · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs
You’d have to install, login, and have WARP active though on the client device that wants to connect to the server, so not suitable for public servers.


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