Cloudflare and RunCloud settings

Hi, I’m hosted on RunCloud. I noticed that some settings are repeated in RunCloud and Cloudflare, and was wondering if I should enable them in both. In particular, is it necessary to enable the Brotli compression and HTTPS Redirects in both or would enabling them in just one be enough? If only one, where is the best place to do it? RunCloud or Cloudflare?

I’m also considering HSTS, although I understand that once I enable this I’m committed to it. I saw that I can enable this in RunCloud (HSTS & Server Side Redirection) and also in Cloudflare. If I decide that I would like to use HSTS, where do I enable it? RunCloud, Cloudflare or both?

I hope someone can help. TIA.


Thank you for asking.

I’d suggest you to enable them at Cloudflare only, therefore leverage the work & time at my origin host/3rd-party service. No need for “double processing”.

Again, would do it at Cloudflare.
Kindly, consider and be careful with it, at least while testing good, however once “in production” there will be no room for errors once configured “as-is” (could stay like that for months later).

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