Cloudflare and QUIC


Good evening,

Is Cloudflare planning to add QUIC protocol? Today, LiteSpeed has announced they support it:

So I was wondering what about our favorite company?

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Hello @Yoav

Just so you know and I hope you don’t mind, I moved this topic to the Product Request topic since we don’t still support QUIC in our product and I do think that’d be a better place for this thread.

A feature request has been created to support QUIC in our EDGE but we don’t have any available timeline yet to communicate. We’ll let you know when it’s the case as usual through our blog:


Okay :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m also surprised that CloudFlare hasn’t implemented QUIC yet…


Any update on this? :slight_smile:


This is something we are working on currently but no firm timeline to share just yet :slight_smile: .


It’s been 2-months… any updates/news/eta on this?


Work is ongoing internally - stay tuned to our blog in the next few weeks for an update on the progress of QUIC as a standard.




oooh would love QUIC :sunglasses:


I am going to bet that we will see QUIC very soon. Probably a blog post is being written about it as we speak :smiley:


Next week? Since it’s their birthday and they do 5 (I assume only one per day) announcements…


Sounds good!



It’s happening! :heart: