CloudFlare and Proxy Translation with Onelink

Hello! I didn’t see a similar topic and our situation seems unique.

I’m trying to understand why we would see translation “bleed-through” on our website.

We use the GlobalLink OneLink ( proxy translation of our origin server (WWW) content to multiple, translated subdomains. There’s a mix of machine and manual translation happening.

The OneLink spider crawls WWW then translates to memory that displays on proxy sites like (we are not but I’m using that as a replacement.)

Users visit WWW and choose a link to change their language, which flips their view to a subdomain like for Japanese, for example.

But what we’re seeing in random cases is “bleed-through” of Japanese appearing on CloudFlare cached WWW (English source). When I clear CloudFlare cache (that specific page), the issue is resolved. It was in the cache.

We use a CNAME like

  • 86400 IN CNAME

Then here’s our setup for WWW

  • 900 IN CNAME

Somewhere in this chain, there’s an opportunity for caching to pick up the translation “bleed-through”?

Thanks for your time and consideration here! Please let me know if anything reads unclear, and I’d be happy to elaborate or correct it.

Bumped up your permissions a bit so you won’t hit that issue again. Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks, @cloonan!

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