Cloudflare and PrivateBin JavaScript

I’ve installed PrivateBin, a self-hosted alternative to Pastebin on my website, and it fails to load before the hash from the JS script do not match due to optimization.

I’ve setup a rules to disable performance optimization for my site, and I reported the issue on the developer’s github issue tracker @ . But the developer still thinks the issue with Cloudflare.

That’s the URL where I host it:

Is there anything I may have to disable on Cloudflare for it to work?

Try to disable minification on Cloudflare.

However this is all already addressed in the link the developer gave you. So I am not sure why you opened another thread here.

Because as mentioned in the github issue tracker, and here again in this thread, I’ve already doe it, by setting up a rule to disable performance optimization which should disable minify, rocket loader, etc…

I turns out it’s unrelated to Cloudflare. I’ve just completely disabled Cloudflare on this subdomain (DNS only), and it’s still happening, and appears to the Browser/OS dependent.

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