Cloudflare and ports


Completely new to cloudflare and little stuck.I have my domain on cloudflare and and when I go my domain it loads ok. but it shows that it is not I turned on always use HTTPS but when I do this I get an error 521
I have connection browser and cloudflare but host is error.

I know this has something to do with the ports but I’m totally stuck and tried a few things,no luck.

What do I need to look at or change to get this to work.

Thanks in advance.

8080 is not a port that supports HTTPS on Cloudflare. Also, do you have a certificate on your server?

Thanks for the reply sandro.

ok i changed the port on server,i think to 8443 i now get

400 Bad Request

The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port cloudflare

Is this because i dont have a certificate on my server as im not sure how to do this.
As i said im completely new to cloudflare and only know a little

The message is self-explanatory. You sent an HTTP request to an HTTPS port. You need to send an HTTPS request.

so now i have 525 error SSL handshake error.

Again i am completely new to all this…is this due to the certificate

The 525 is because of the certificate. Your server needs to be configured for HTTPS.

Yes Sandro,thats what i am asking…how do i do that?

I am afraid that would be beyond the scope of the forum here. You might want to check out StackExchange for that.