Cloudflare and Pimsite.example

To answer the final questions - I was able to ask the B2B admin for a better description of what we’re trying to upload.
I have a description of the current layout for the site - For the community form I anonymized it a bit.

Your question:
Is everything served from the same hostname? For example, if a customer is on , does it pull images from ? If so, then Cloudflare cache will help.

His Answer:
The server we’re talking about (in case the fact that it’s a subdomain is relevant or complicates matters, I’m not sure) and all the images will be served from there, like - so I guess that’s a yes to sdayman’s question.

Might be worth noting that our goal is to launch a separate site (it will be at a different subdomain than, but still under the domain) which displays the product images stored on That’s the main reason why we want to put behind Cloudflare, to cache those images when possible and reduce the traffic going straight to

Your Question:
API calls are only cached if you instruct Cloudflare to do so via a ‘cache everything’ page rule, or if your API endpoints end in a certain file extension. If you don’t fit one of those, CF will just direct proxy the API calls to your origin.

His answer:
Not sure if the ‘cache everything’ page rule they’re talking about is something determined by our Apache configuration, or if they mean that’s something we can configure within Cloudflare? The API endpoints don’t end in a file extension.

I am sorry I missed the deadline for the last threat.

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