CloudFlare and persistent RAW TCP/IP/SSL reverse proxy


I have a phone app that communicates with a server using persistent RAW TCP/IP sockets over SSL.

The TCP/IP connection is persistent meaning that it stays up all the time while the app is in use.

There is no http or any other web protocol, just a persistent proprietary RAW TCP/IP socket over SSL.

I want to hide the IP address of my server and instead send all my app traffic through Cloudflare which will forward it to my hidden server IP address, and also do the reverse, send traffic from my server through Cloudflare to my app.

Is this possible with Cloudflare? if so please tell me which service to use. I was looking at Could flare spectrum which seems can do it but i dont know how to set it up.


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Cloudflare Spectrum could indeed do it, however, you need Spectrum Enterprise with Cloudflare Enterprise for anything but ssh/rdp/minecraft with Spectrum: Spectrum | DDoS Protection for Apps. You would have to reach out to sales for more information on price and features, which would be tailored to your requirements.

I saw spectrum has multiple tiers, from free up to enterprise.

www cloudflare com plans

Since im just starting out i would like the free tier, also enterprise seems like a huge overkill for what im doing, im just basically need raw packet forwarding, cloudflare dont have to process anything, just forward the traffic.

Is using the free tier possible for my application?

Spectrum has no free tier, it’s only available to Pro or higher (which, I guess is bundled into the Pro subscription for free). But the problem is, you only get ssh/minecraft with Pro, and Business gets RDP as well. For anything outside of those protocols and ports, you need Enterprise.
The normal proxy :orange: only supports the http protocol.

I saw a free tier, look at this cloudflare website with the pricing plans

www . cloudflare . com / plans

There is a free Cloudflare plan, but it does not include Spectrum TCP. That is Enterprise-only.


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