Cloudflare And Node App Not Playing Nicely Together

Hi cloudflare, I have a php web app that runs on my server and also have a complimentary node app that runs on my server through application manager on Cpanel. The node app uses socket io package and it would appear that I am having a difficulty connecting to the websocket connection it defaults to polling. So that is one issue. But if you guys have nothing to do with that ignore for now. But When it defaults to polling I notice a lot more requests to my server and it would appear that cloudflare might be blocking or is doing something weird that causing users to this connection to disconnect and reconnect. Its causing major disruptive issues on my site and would like to figure this out. It seemed to work fine (kind of) up until a couple days ago, not even sure what settings changed or why it started throwing 502 errors. But any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Have you already enabled websockets on your Cloudflare Dashboard (At the network tab)?

Yes. That has been turned on the entire time.

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