Cloudflare and my letsencrypt SSL - HOW?

I have my own free Letsencrypt SSL which I use currently while my website is under development.
Before I buy SSL from Cloudflare, I wish to be able to use some of the Cloudflares services while using my own SSL. (Mainly to prevent DDOS).

The problem is that my websockets aren’t working while using my own SSL and Cloudflare.
I get error : ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID each time my browser tries to connection to my websocket server.

I am pretty new to Cloudflares features and I am unsure how I can bypass this. I want to have “loading screen” when someone is entering my website to prevent DDOS, but I want after that to maintain HTTPS with my own SSL (due to private key and cert info which I need for websocket).

Already thankful for any constructive ideas. :slight_smile:

Start with this #CommunityTip

Thank you for a reply.
I get different error now. Even tho my WebSocket server is running like usual, I get this error on my client-side.

Is the redacted portion the same as your :orange: hostname?

Cloudflare only works on certain ports, but they recommend you use web sockets on 80, 8080, 443 and 8443.

Have you turned on WebSockets on the Network tab of the Dashboard?

It is working now once I changed to 8443 port.
Thank you so much :grin:

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