Cloudflare and LiquidWeb (partner)



Would like to integrate with a host (liquidweb).

The ask for a connection inside their dashboard and want to have a new cloudflare account created. They assume (wrongly in this case) that the website does not already have cloudflare.

I am looking to get railgun implemented which they offer as a partner.
I want to use my already established Cloudflare account.

How do I connect the two and get access to railgun from them?

**Currently get an error even though it looks that it is active.


I was told by support that when you are not using the WWW version of a site that it will show the error… A major false positive error.


I think you got some wrong advice. I use Cloudflare and LW. I also had Cloudflare before LW. I don’t use www and I have no problem enabling Railgun. Call back, you’ll probably get a different and hopefully more helpful tech.


I could enable RailGun but only through paying Cloudflare where everyone else who is on LW gets it as part of the plan that I am on. :frowning:


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