Cloudflare and Google Workspace Gmail not working: set up as per Google but CANNOT ACTIVATE

Unable to connect branded Google Workspace email with Cloudflare need to fix mx and dns so new branded google workspace email functions. In Google Workspace I receive an error Code: 1046 when I activate it and a message that says disable email routing to modify/remove this record. I signed in to Cloudflare to activate and it still doesn’t work. I urgently need this new email for work meeting the morning. I verified the MX and TXT data as shown by fritex in Feb’22, but still can’t get it to work.

Hello there,

Can you please share the domain name please?

I receive this error when I use the link above to share - it is enniosystems "An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t include links in your post. To share a link, click the pre-formatted text option which will add back ticks characters to the url. backtick example

That message is telling you to enter your domain like this:


Which will display it like this:

That will avoid the problem of the forum trying to turn it into a link.

Thank you.

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Your MX records indicate that you currently have Cloudflare Email Routing enabled on your domain. You need to disable that to use Google Workspace Email.

Thank you! I followed the first part for “Delete and Disable Email Routing.” Do I then do the “Unlock and keep DNS records” or go back to Google Workspace and Activate from there?

I se that the Cloudflare Email Routing MX recrds are gone.You now need to add the MX records required by Google.

Thank you so much! I am beyond grateful!!

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I see your Google Workspace MX records. If you haven’t done the activation at Google yet, it should be ready now.

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