Cloudflare and google domain

So here is my setup.

  1. Created google domain
  2. Added cloudflare dns servers as custom domains in google.
  3. In cloud flare created A file for to my ip address which is my home router. Also created A file for “www” which points to my IP address
  4. Then in crypto I created .pem file. Which only has ———begin certificate————-end certificate and not the ——begin key———end key——- after. Is there something I am missing?
    Thanks I’m advance

Can you post the domain?

#4 refers to an origin certificate, right? When you created it, did you specify that you already had a key or did Cloudflare generate it? In the latter case there should definitely be a key as well, you will need the key for the configuration on your server.

Yeah. is the domain. I think I figured it out. I’m using nginx and it said I needed a full(strict) key? I had it set to full only when I used cloudflare to generate the RSA? Key. So now it is giving me the two keys to post in the text file.

ok. i think i have the cert working. but when i go to the site now it is telling me SSL handshake failed. it appears that the SSL configuration is not compatible with Cloudflare. I used the .pem files providedby the crypto tab in cloudflare and am using them in nginx. is there something else that could be causing this?

Are you sure your server is configured for HTTPS on port 443? Would you be comfortable to reveal your IP here on the forum?

I am using a google domain and have a custom resource as with an @ type pointed to my ip address and a www pointed to my ip addresss. If i could discord or custom message my ip i would ffeel more comfortable.
then in cloudflare i have the url pointed to my ip address again. is this the correct setup?

Could you run a check of the IP at and tell me at what time you ran it?

ok i just ran it

it says the website is up

Yes, you dont have an HTTPS server running there. Thats just HTTP on port 443.

ok great. is that something i can do from a netgear router?

How is a router involved?

i am running nginx on my pc and i have port 5000 routed to external port 443 on my router. im sorry im new to all of this

Well, the port does not really matter much. The way you configured it right now is okay, what matters is the protocol and your server does not speak HTTPS but HTTP. That is what you need to fix.

ok what should aim at to address this. reconfigure nginx?

Presumably. You need to configure it for HTTPS.

thank you so much for helping me. it is GREATLY appreciated. this is the part of the code in my nginx that is supposed to be the https part

I am not all that familiar with Nginx, so I cant say whether that configuration is okay. But if it is there is a chance it might not be even processed. Did you restart Nginx?

At this point this is probably a question best for an Nginx forum.

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