CloudFlare and Google Cloud Storage: 404 in specific URL

Why do all URLs on my site work normally (via CNAME for Google Storage)?


However, the URL “/topz” gives 404:

Link on CloudFlare:
Direct link / CNAME to Google Storage:

I opened a call on Google CloudStorage, which informed me how some kind of CloudFlare redirect

I opened a CloudFlare ticket in a few days and didn’t get a return from support

Doesnt load directly from your server either.


Loaded Sandro. See: (Acesss OK)

  1. That is not the same path.
  2. It is evident from the screenshot that it does not work.

See another URL (ok) (ok)

URL Problem (Erros) (ok)

Again, not the same path.

Pause Cloudflare, wait for DNS propagation, make sure that your site is properly working everywhere and only then unpause Cloudflare.

See another URL Sandro (Acess ok) (Acess ok)

I paused now

however, the error remains (404 error) (Sucess)

Of course it does, because the error comes from your server as I mentioned already an hour ago. You need to fix that on your server.

Not a server

is a Google Cloud Storage. Servlesss

Do these 2 work for you?

these 2 work for you?

There is still a server of course.

Again, that is an issue on your server. Contact either Google or the person responible for maintaining your site. This is not a Cloudflare issue I am afraid.

Response from Google:

Hello Caique,

I have attempted a replication on my side and I also encountered a problem when serving your file ‘topz’. Other files like ‘categorias’, ‘tops’, etc. are being served appropriately.

When serving ‘topz’ it appears to be doing something or accessing an unauthorized link. It also tried to download a suspicious file which prompted me to stop my replication for security measures.

With this, the issue is isolated in the file itself. Can you confirm if there were recent changes applied to the said file? What I can only recommend at this point is a file scrubbing and review the JavaScript inside the html file.

Best Regards,

Google Cloud Platform Support, Manila

Hello ,

This is an automated reminder from Google Cloud Platform Support.

We haven’t heard back from you in the past 3 business days regarding your open case “I get a 404 error while accessing the URL however, I can access the file directly, no problem why do i get a 404 just for this url on the site? https: //precoupdate” (#20538873).

If we can assist you with your case or you have additional information to provide the support team, please reply to this message with your update. A member of our support team will be happy to assist you.

If you no longer need assistance with this case, no action is required on your part. If we don’t hear back from you within 3 working days, we may close your case and send you a confirmation notice.


Google Cloud Platform Support

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The follow the steps suggested by Google. Once again, thats not a Cloudflare issue and the forum here cant help you I am afraid.

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Google says the problem is with Cloudflare. and Cloudflare says the problem is google

Thank for you patient

Where did Google say the issue is with Cloudflare? And again, the issue appears also with Cloudflare paused. So the issue is evidently with the server. Keep Cloudflare paused and contact Google again.

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