Cloudflare and Google Cloud CDN interconnect

I have some content stored in a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket, which I’d like to serve through Cloudflare to leverage discounted egress pricing, and have a few questions:

  1. The aforementioned documentation states that “This reduced price applies only to IPv4 traffic. It does not apply to IPv6 traffic.” Since the GCS endpoint is available both on IPv4 and IPv6, how can I make Cloudflare use only IPv4 addresses to connect to it, short of hardcoding the IPv4 addresses for in the DNS record?

  2. I’d like to leverage the discounted pricing as much as possible to reduce my costs, so if I create a bucket in the US and use Argo Tiered Caching, does it mean all client requests to Cloudflare would be routed through a US-based PoP and the egress pricing of $0.04/GB being applied, regardless of the client’s location?

  3. The documentation also states, “[your CDN provider] can help you set up your deployment to use intra-region egress routes when using Google Cloud as the origin source”, are there any additional requirements or configuration to be applied from Cloudflare’s end. If so, what does that entail?

Thank you.

I believe Cloudflare connects to the GCS over IPv4, despite it can serve the content to the end-user/visitor per request over IPv4 or IPv6 - which I believe depends which IP version does the client use.

You will use a CNAME hostname pointed to the and proxied :orange:.

For that sub-domain, I’d suggest creating and using a Page Rule → Cache Level: Cache Everything, set the Edge Cache TTL and Browser Cache TTL to the desired values, that way you could spare the egress and serve content from Cloudflare cache.

Hope it helps a bit.

On Enterprise plan you can choose the “cache topology”.
I am not aware wich one Cloudflare POPs are “upper tier” and which ones are “lower tier”, so I cannot answer to this one if it will be fetched from the GCS bucket on the US soil (I hope, but … what if we have GCS bucket “multi-region”?):

I think not. If you configure a Page Rule, the client/visitor will be served from the nearest POP to it’s ISP due to the ISP peerings. Meaning, if from :croatia: it will be served from Cloudflare :croatia: POP, and hopefully the content would be cached at it too (Page Rule) in the given moment. If content is not being cached at Cloudflare edge, then it will go from Croatia → EU → to the GCS bucket and being served that way and also get cached for the next visitor (I think).

I might be wrong about it.

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