Cloudflare and Google Analytics

Has CloudFlare’s Google Analytics app been updated to use the latest Google code?

I ask this because Google is encouraging publishers to update their GA code.

(Maybe the best solution would simply be to deactivate the CloudFlare GA app and install the new code directly on my pages?)

You should probably check with that app’s developer. I know it has a website and email address listed there.

@durant, is this the app you’re asking about?

Your question came in to Cloudflare Customer Support and I suspect they’re going to route you the same direction @sdayman suggests.

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There’s a great opportunity here for a developer to make a new Cloudflare Google Analytics app using the new gtag.js script. This supports the older UA and the new GA4 codes.


So strange… I submitted an issue to the plugin developer, they replied to thank me… but t hen closed the issue without updating the app, see:

The app developer has updated to support the new GA4 code! Google Analytics - Cloudflare Apps


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