Cloudflare and Google Analytics issue

Hi, I recently joined Cloudflare and noticed today that my Google Analytics is not updating fully. It is updating some traffic but not all traffic. My first hint was when all of a sudden the pageviews dropped from 30-40 pageviews per hour to basically 1-2 in the last five hours. I can also see that when I am viewing my website through my multiple laptops and a phone, Google Analytics does not show any real-time users at all. I checked some of the posts that suggest that Cloudflare has no impact on Google Analytics but just now when I logged into Cloudflare, it took me to ‘Apps’ to “install” Google Analytics which means there is definitely something going on e.g. blocking Google Analytics or maybe I need to authorise Cloudflare somewhere. Is that something someone can help me with please?

To be clear, by “pageviews dropped” I mean the pageviews being reported dropped.

Are you able to open your website in your PC, open F12 Developer Tools, click Network tab and monitor whether the GA script has been loaded properly?

I can see that it’s there with a status 200. It’s this website: