Cloudflare and Google Analytics issue connected?


I’m using Cloudflare on my website since May. On June 21st there was a short technical issue on my website which disappeared quickly, but it was a Cloudflare issue (I checked with my host and also my friend’s website had the same issue - also using Cloudflare).

Since that day my Google Analytics is not working properly. Users from some of my top countries are just gone (US, Great Britain etc.). Like some countries are not tracked in Google Analytics anymore. In my host statistics they are still listed as one of my top countries, but in google analytics I see zero visitors from some countries.

Can this be connected with Cloudflare issue from that day? I haven’t changed anything on my website, I have no filters added to Google Analytics. etc. Nothing changed.

So it is very strange to me that this huge decline happened at exactly the same time as the problem on the page.

Thank you so much for your help.

Are you using Zaraz to get GA data?

If not, have you checked whether the Google Analytics script is being loaded when you visit the affected page/s?

No, I don’t use it. I use Monstersight plug-in since the beginning for statistics and I haven’t changed anything. I checked manually and with GA checker and there is no error with loading GA script.
GA tracks traffic, but only from some countires. Others are like non-exsistent now.

It can be the plugin issue and not the Cloudflare. If you doubt there’s some other issue. Use this tool:

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