Cloudflare and GoDaddy's Website Security Essentials

If my website is using Cloudflare which already has a firewall and DDoS protection then do i still use GoDaddy’s Website Security Essential product?

I dont really use the firewall feature on godaddys Website Security Essential, but it does have malware scanner daily.

The website is wordpress blog which also uses wp-cerber security plugin

But it is a paid product and i was thinking whether i need it or not. Any advice?


Security should be done in layers, and no honest security company will ever promise 100% protection, as that’s not feasible. Cloudflare is your first line of defense, but some threats may go past it, and that depends on many factors. Cloudflare default protection for DDoS is only triggered when an enormous amount of requests is detected, and that may be too many for your hosting provider. So yes, you should keep other lines of defense active.

There are many good alternatives in the plugin repository that are free. I personally use Ninja Firewall WP Edition, but Wordfence is also very popular.

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You mean i should use Ninja Firewall WP Edition on top of WP-server?

That wouldn’t solve the issue you mentioned:

You should use one or the other, but do have a origin-server firewall.

I do not suggest specific plugins, you should :search: using the link I posted and find the one that feels more appropriate to you. I only mentioned the one I use as an example. Many users in this community prefer Wordfence, or BBQ Firewall, JetPack and several other plugins.

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