Cloudflare and Github Pages

I’ve recently moved registrars and set my nameservers to Cloudflare. My website is hosted on Github Pages. I am currently waiting for the Edge Certificates to get verified, and have Cloudflare paused since my site wouldn’t work with it on.

Since Github Pages has HTTPS capability, would it make sense to keep both on, or just one of them on (Github Pages HTTPs or Cloudflare HTTPs)? I am currently using Github Pages HTTPs.

I have heard of Cloudflare Pages, but have not read more into detail.

It’s similar to GH Pages, but better.

Haven’t used this configuration myself. Might want to start by having your domain configured as DNS-Only :grey: to make sure it works, then try setting it to Proixed :orange:.

You must have SSL enabled on both your origin server and Cloudflare to secure your traffic.

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It took a while for the Certificates to fully generate. About a week it still wasn’t generating. I think it finally generated when I had to get my registrar to re-add the DS records for DNSSEC, although don’t quote me on that.

I had a test site in Cloudflare pages just to play/mess around with, and to see if the Edge Certificates were generated.

I also turned on Full (strict) a while back to ensure that the connection’s verified, and started to proxy my main site through Cloudflare. 30 minutes in, it works, even with Enforcing HTTPS on both Cloudflare and Github.

I’ll try and post another update in the future to determine the end result, but I think with this, it’ll work regardless.

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