CloudFlare and Ezoic

Today I registered in Ezoic, for work with Ezoic (for site integration) prompt to me details for my Cloudflare account and install app for me. In the Ezoic website indicate that, Ezoic is a certified Cloudflare Partner.
Is this really?

Thanks and regards.

Hi @gnrx, it appears Ezoic is a long-time partner, I am not familiar with them, but judging from the search results, there are a few other Ezoic customers here on the community,

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Hello cloonan,
Thanks for your reply.
Ok, perfect then.
I must say that I have searched for information and everything is correct, but I preferred to ask here also if there are other users alike.
In the same way I must say that at the moment, the ezoic service and attention is exceptional.
If in the future I decide not to continue with ezoic, they have installed an app to manage my traffic, through Cloudflare, but with ezoic (I have also received an email from Cloudflare indicating it), as I comment, if in the future I decide not to continue with them, I have looked in Cloudflare the option to eliminate this link, but I have not been able to find it, could you tell me how to proceed in that case?
Thanks and best regards!

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