Cloudflare and Ezoic issue, cant use Admin smoothly

I have been facing an issue with my website. It is integrated using Cloudflare and Ezoic.
I am not able to access my Admin panel from a few days smoothly. I use WordPress for my website. The Admin panel just does not load smoothly. I am not able to update my website smoothly. If I disable Ezoic and Just use CloudFlare it seems to be ok. I get the Error 520 continually while using my Admin panel.

Is anybody facing such an issue? Did anyone figure any solution for it?
Thanks in advance for looking into this.

Hi @onlinebankingp,

Error 520 is related to your origin server (Ezoic, in this case), not Cloudflare.

Please take a look at this CommunityTip on this subject:

I am having the same issue here. Did you get the problem resolved?

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