Cloudflare and Elementor conflic

I’ve just started using Cloudflare on a Wordpress website.I use Elementor builder, and since I activated Cloudflare and activated it. My Elementor hasn’t worked. Even with development mode on , it’s on a infinite load loop. I’ve read both Cloudflare’s and Elementors regarding the documentation. And 've implemented the rules as the documentation states.
I’ve been having the same result.
Any tips ?

My best guess might be to solve some known issues, if so, make sure to implement a solution/quick fix as follows on the link from below:

May I ask what kind of option have you got selected from the dropdown menu for the “Browser Cache TTL” option at Cloudflare dashboard → Caching → Configuration? :thinking:

Hello fritex,
Thank you for answering. Well those options weren’t working, I had already tried them. And regarding your question , I have 4 hours on browser Cache TTL

Thank you for feedback.

Try setting it to “Respect Existing Headers”, therefore use the button which says “Purge Everything”.
Also, try opening your Website in a different Web browser, or delete cache from your current one to see if there’s any difference at all.

Hello fritex,
After multiple hours debugging, I managed to solve the issue. Disabling the Cloudflare plugin solved everything while keeping the service running.
Thank you for your help.
Have a nice weekend :wink:

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