Cloudflare and Dns-O-Matic error

I have set-up a DNS-O-Matic page connected with my cloudflare domain. (XYZ is replacing my actual domain name).
I tried with several applications running on Windows, Linux and via my Asus Router, the result is always the same.
DNS-O-Matic sends me an email announcing an error.

Last Update Details
Jun 15, 2020 4:01 pm
Server Response
err ()

When I create a service in DNS-O-Matic, these are the fields available
API Token

Where am I going wrong?

The API no longer accepts DNS changes for certain TLDs, .cf included.

That’s a bummer. So how does cloudflare update dns? Manually only? I guess there must be a paid way of doing this automatically?

Sorry, no. It’s an API restriction, so you’d have to do it manually. The only paid way to do this would to pay for a TLD.

Thanks, how do I pay for a TLD? And can I keep my current domain or do I have to change it?

TLD is “Top Level Domain”, which is the extension. You’ll need to pay to register a different domain that doesn’t end in any of the extensions in that post.

Gotcha, thank you, I will look into that

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