Cloudflare and DNS-O-Matic - CNAME vs A Record


I have configured my router to update DNS-O-Matic and forwarded port 80 and 443, this all works using the IP address and DNS-O-Matic has my correct IP Address

I have configured DNS-O-Matic to update dynamic. mydomain. com on Cloudflare

I have set up an A Record on Cloudflare for dynamic. mydomain. com to point to my extenal IP Address

I have set up a CNAME for to point to dynamic. mydomain. com

I have set up various subdomains like www, hassio, etc with CNAME record to point to

My theory using CNAMEs for the subdomains was that to add a new subdomain I would only need to add it to Cloudflare and DNS-O-Matic could just keep updating only dynamic. mydomain. com and the rest would point to that.

The only URL that works is dynamic. mydomain. com. None of the other subdomains work

Do I need A Records rather than CNAME Records for the other subdomains?



:roll_eyes: Ok so it seems I was too impatient, I expected the cname record to update as fast as the A record but it took much longer, the subdomains are now working as expected.